Digicraft on Barbur Boulevard is closed.

We recommend Benjamin Cline's fine art printmaking services at ZenTwig, and Sam Zuhairy's Archive Photo Restoration, for fine art camera scanning services.

Below are links to these two new providers who will continue to give you the quality printing and scanning services you came to expect from us.

Please call 503 223 6364 to contact Wendy and Al Berreth. It took almost 2 weeks for get our phone forwarded and we apologize for any inconvenience. We also continue to monitor orders@digicraft.net and will respond as soon as possible to your queries about client work still in our possession. Our address is now PO Box 69129, Portland, OR 97239, and we pick up our mail daily.

Fine Art Printmaking

Benjamin Cline, Digicraft’s lead technician for 8 years, has announced the formation of his new business, ZenTwig . Ben’s technical skills are unsurpassed and he has printed for many of Portland’s premier artists. He has purchased Digicraft’s 64” Epson printer and all the calibration tools necessary for outputting accurate, refined images on a variety of fine art papers and canvas. Zen Twig will also offer fine art scanning, proofs and fine art pigmented ink reproductions in collaboration with Archive Photo Restoration.

High Resolution Fine Art Scanning

Sam Zuhairy’s Archive Photo Restoration has purchased Digicraft’s high resolution copy camera and will continue to offer a full range of oversize scanning of any type of flat art. All art is scanned horizontally to minimize the danger of handling damage to sensitive surfaces. Image size can be up to 36x48. Framed prints and flat art with a thick base can be accommodated. Archive Photo offers fine art reproductions on traditional photo papers as well as fine art pigmented ink prints in collaboration with ZenTwig.

Here’s Sam doing a scan: